Learn to surf with the Perfect Surfer Pop-up Trainer. Whether you’re a beginner eager to hit the waves, a weekend-warrior always looking for practice and strength-training, or a pro-level ripper looking for a safe and easy way to teach your kids, the Perfect Surfer can help everyone learn and improve their skills on the water.

  • Adult Surfers- Fine tunes motor skills, keeps you conditioned during flat spells and increases your wave count!
  • Beginners-  Builds confidence and skill so your main focus is on surfing.
  • Aspiring Adult Surfers- Increases flexibilty, helps fine-tune motor skills and shortens the learning curve.
  • Kids- The pefect, safe way to learn

Great for Surf Camps and Surf Schools too! Check out our growing list of Surf Camps using the Perfect Surfer, and become one of them.

Click on the link to our YouTube instructional video to see Frank demonstrate proper use of the Perfect Surfer Pop-Up Trainer!  Join us on Facebook and Twitter for online specials!

We also manufacture Eco-Cruz skateboards with a skate deck made of eco-friendly materials.

Call or email us, Orders for spring 2012 are being taken now.      

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Get introduced to the world of surfing today through private and/or group training using the Perfect Surfer Pop-up Trainer exclusivly with the Perfect Surfer Surf School.

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See you in the water! iPura Vida!